View, Extract Content Data Of CSV Or Tab-Delimited File Using CSVFileView

Sometimes in some applications a CSV file is generated to give you the backup of all the data in the form of a text file. Generally this kind of file is generated in case when you have to take the backup of a Microsoft Excel which has the option to save the file in a CSV format. Almost all of us would have heard of Oracle and what it is famous for but incase if you haven’t i will tell you it is famous for its Oracle Database software which can maintain tables of huge amount of data and makes it easier to manage the data at the backend. So this CSV format is very useful for the people who work on Oracle as this is file format in which the backup is taken from the tables and from the same type of files the values are loaded in these tables. So in order to view the contents of the CSV file the form of a table I have got an application named CSVFileView.

The software will allow you to view the contents of the CSV or Tab-delimited file in a simple table viewer. The software will allow you to sort the file according to any of the column fields, remove unwanted column fields and change their order and again save the file as a CSV file, Tab Delimited File, XML File or HTML report.

csvfileview 1

This is the first window which will open when you will open the software for the first time after downloading. The software doesn’t need to be installed as it will run directly from the exe file. The application has toolbar options like File, Edit, View, Options and Help.

csvfileview 2

The File menu has options like Open CSV\Tab-Delimited File, Save Selected Items, Sort By Original Order, Properties and Exit.The shortcuts for all the menu options are present in front of the option. The Open CSV\Tab-Delimited File option will let you select a particular file and open it in this application. The Save Selected Items will let you save the items that you have selected. The Sort By Original Order will order the contents of the list as it was when you originally loaded it. The Properties option will show you the various values for the particular record.

csvfileview 3

The Edit menu contains options like Find, Copy Selected Items, Select all and Deselect All. The Find option will help you to find a particular entry in the list. Copy Selected Items will let you copy the selected items from the list. Select All and Deselect All options are used to select and deselect all the entries in the list.

csvfileview 4

The View menu has options like Show Grid Lines, Show Tooltips, Mark Odd/Even Rows, HTML Report – All Items, HTML Report  – Selected Items, Choose Columns, Auto Size Columns and Refresh. The Show Grid Lines will show the grid lines between the columns. Mark Odd/Even Rows option is used to Mark the Odd and Even Rows. HTML Report – All Items and HTML Report – Selected Items will help you to generate the HTML report for all the items or the selected items. Choose columns will let you choose which columns to show and which not to. Auto Size Columns will let you Auto Size your columns.

csvfileview 5

The Options menu has options like Unicode/Ascii Save Mode, Add Header Line To CSV/Tab-Delimited File, First Line Contains Columns and Automatic Numeric Sorting. The two options First Line Contains Columns and Automatic Numeric Sorting are checked by default.

Download CSVFileView.

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