View, Edit Text and Image Entries In Windows Clipboard

With the advancements in technology, new utilities and software are being developed every day. Selecting, Copying and Pasting a text or image from one of the document or from web is one of the most common activities done by almost every user irrespective of the domain or the work they are doing. Although, normally all this copy and paste are handled by inbuilt clipboard of the Windows OS which helps the user in all such operations, but on the other hand there are various utilities available over the web which can also be used for these operations. Earlier also, we have covered lot of similar utilities which act as clipboard managers, including Clipboard Text Recorder, which is one of the good utilities available but the one which we are going to discuss today has its own distinct functionality including some of the basic and common functionality like managing clipboard through hotkeys and saving screenshots in clipboard.

Ace Clipboard is basically a small, easy to use, useful and a freely available clipboard manager that allows you to copy and paste text, capture and edit screenshots, as well as it also allows to access the files or folders. Along with this, it also provides feature through which user may access URL links directly from the clipboard manager instead of pasting it somewhere else. One of the most important and noticeable fact about this utility is that the pasting process doesn’t require you to access any menus or learn any hotkeys; rather you can simply paste this text, URLs or images just by clicking on their name and rest will be taken care by the utility itself. You will be surprised to know that Ace Clipboard has the capability to save up to 25 clipboard entries at one time.


You may download the utility from the link given at the end of this article. After downloading it, you may easily install it in few simple steps and once installed, it can be accessed from the system tray icon to view its main interface. Similar to the previously discussed software, when the clipboard is recording, everything that is copied can be viewed and edited using the clipboard manager itself, thus making it easy for the user. In order to paste something form Ace Clipboard into a document, you need to click the relevant entry to paste it where your cursor is placed and you may observe that it will be automatically pasted.

As already mentioned, that Ace Clipboard also allows you to capture entire screen, active window and graphics from other applications such as browsers and also to manage all these snapshots. In order to capture graphics from your web browser, you simply need to right-click on the image and select Copy option from there.

So, overall we can say that it is a nice little utility with various options and features which can be explored by its users. So just download it from the link given below and start working on it.

Download Ace Clipboard

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