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Today we will be reviewing a tool which will create the list of all the files which were accessed from a particular folder. You can call this tool as Recent Files. Now you will not have to go to recent files column to check the files and folder which were accessed recently as they have a certain limit to their entries and if you go to the history window to check the files accessed then you might get confused due to large number of entries in the list.

This tool will help you to see the folders and files which were accessed recently and this will possible to see in the context menu. If you want to check the history of the files and folders then just right click on that folder and then you will easily see the entries in the menu. The best part of this tool is that if you want to know about the access of a certain file and if you know the location from where it was accessed then just right click on that folder and then you will able to see all the files which were accessed during last few days.


As soon as you install this tool you can see the history by right clicking on any of the folder, as mentioned in the above paragraph. Now if you take a look on the snapshot shown above then you can see that there will be an option named as Recent Files in the context menu which will make you see the history of all the files which were accessed under a defined period of time. There is an option named as settings in settings in the menu which can make you adjust the number of files which should be enlisted for the history and then you can also define the time period for the history list.


The snapshot of the settings window can be seen in the snapshot shown above. Where you make the necessary amendments. The size of the tool is around 300 Kb and it will take no time to get installed and then you will never go to the history page again. This tool is expected to be compatible with all the versions of Windows as it has been checked with Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate edition. So, use it and enjoy!!!!

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