Video Recording Of Your Computer Screen Activity

You might have come across a situation when you have to explain your friends or colleagues about the use of a software. But due to your time schedule you are not able to sit together. In such a case, if you have a video recording of the steps to be followed while using the software, it will sort out your problem. In that case, Cute Screen Recorder is a tool which proofs to be of great use. You can create a video of the things, you are doing on your laptop.

Cute Screen Recorder is a freeware of 4 MB. It will help you the make the demo of the software. It can also help you in the learning process. It is very easy to work on this tool. The snapshot given below shows you the tool.


The tool can be beneficial for a large number of applications. Now before you start the recording, you need to predefine various things which will determine how the video is to be recorded. It is segmented in three parts:

Screen Region:

The Preset option helps you to mention the recording area. It can be the Full Screen, Center or you can choose Customise option. Through the customise option, you can select the particular part you want to. You can select it either with the help of mouse or mention the figures.

Video Option:

The video can be recorded in four types of formats: mp4, swf, flv, and wmv. There are different Video Bit Rate options (in kbps). You can also select the Frame Rate.

Audio Option:

The tool not only provides the facility of making the videos but you can also record the audio along with it. You just have to check box for Record with audio. The Sample Rate (Hertz) can be selected. The channel can be selected in two ways i.e. Stereo or Mono.

At the time of installation, a folder is created in the C drive as screenrecorder. By default, all the files will be saved in this folder. But you can also browse the location if you want. After selecting all these options, you just have to click on start. The recording will start. You can pause the video in between if required. Click on Stop after the completion of the video.

The software has been tested on Windows 7, so it will be compatible with all the other versions of Windows.

Download Cute Screen Recorder

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