[ Video ] How To Cut Mini Sim Into Micro Sim

We have already written about how can you convert your normal mini sim to micro sim, for all those new iphone 4 users they would like to use their old mini sim card, as iphone 4 needs micro sim card so they need to cut the normal sim card to convert it into a micro sim card which can be inserted in iphone 4


Here is how to video on how to cut your mini sim card and convert to micro sim

Still after watching the above video if you are unclear about how to do it then you can also refer these how with step by step procedure here and here


  1. Nina Fonteyn says

    Thank you so much. I bought a Nexus 4 phone and did not want to give T-Mobile $20.00 for a micro sim. I followed your instructions to cut from a template and it worked. I even left a piece of tape on the sim, like you did in the video, and the sim would not go in at first. I took the tape off and it went right in. Now to play with my new phone.

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