vDesktop – Portable Virtual Desktop Utility For Windows

We have previously written about how to enable virtual desktop on windows. Today we will tell you about another program called VDesktop which is a free to use portable tool to provide virtual desktop like linux in windows, this small program does not require to install anything on your end, but this program is limited to run on windows xp and vista only. It will not work on windows 7 right now, but as this program is still under development so you can hope to see new version coming out in future which supports windows 7 too.

How To Use It ? 

In order to use it download the program archive and extract it some where and then double click the file named vKapse.VirtualDesktop.exe to run the tool. Once you run it, it will display a system tray icon with no icon and you can right click to switch in between four predefined [ names ] virtual desktops.


On each desktop you will find the same set of desktop icons as your default, but you can change them and opened list of taskbar items will be separate in each virtual desktop.

Download vDesktop [ Direct Link ]

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