Use Your Own Image As Windows 7 Login Screen Wallpaper Background

As most of the times, I will again talk about something related to personalization, one of the feature which I would definitely like Windows to introduce is that they should enable the feature for the user to edit and change the Login screen on their system, because you can change the wallpaper, change the color of the aero effects but you cannot do anything with Logon Screen, which creates some monotony with it. So, today I will be reviewing a very simple tool named as Instant Logon screen Changer which can help you to change the Logon Screen quite easily.


You can see the screenshot of the tool, right here. In the screenshot itself, it states its 4 features:-

  1. It can use the current wallpaper to make it as Login Screen background and thus you will not have to change the Login screen background separately, it will automatically change once you change the wallpaper of your desktop (but the condition is that your tool should be launched at that time).
  2. If you want to use any other image as the Logon Screen, then you can choose that option and then browse the image file for the logon screen.
  3. You can also choose a normal solid color for your login screen, now this option might not be used by in any case, so I suppose that this option was not desirable.
  4. And now if you want to see that old Logon Screen again, then you can click this button to restore all the changes done to the background of the Logon screen.

Under the settings section, you can let this tool hide once you minimize it and you can allow it to consistently check for the updates. The best part is that you will not have to restart the system to take a look at the changes done by this tool, just press the lock key on you system and you will be able to see the new logon screen on your computer. The size of this tool is around 614 KB and it has got very simple User Interface. So, it is quite easy to use as mentioned in the above points. We have checked it on Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition, so if you face any issue while using then please let us know.

Download Instant LogonScreen changer

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