Use New Designed Web Forms Templates With Google Docs Forms

There are times when you may want to create a web form with google docs, the default layout of google docs web form does not have any web form theme applied, however you can apply various web forms theme available in google docs so as to make it more pleasant looking and get good response from readers.

Follow the procedure below which tell you how to create a web form in google docs and how to apply a web form theme on it to make it look good.

1. Go to

2. Click Create New >> Form In Google Docs as shown in the image above.


3. Now it will open a new web form creation in a new tab in your browser as shown in the image below.


4. In order to apply a new theme click the button on the top left of this web form named Theme: Plain – then it will show you all the hottest themes being used mostly by people on google docs web forms.


You just need to click to select any theme for your web form, it will show you a preview of how your existing web form will look like after applying this theme. click the apply button to apply any theme.


Once the theme is applied, it will redirect to the page where you can modify the technical data related to the web form. We hope you like this tip, you can read more tips like on google docs

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