Use Multiple Virtual Desktops On Windows 7 With VirtuaWin

By default windows 7 does not provide the virtual desktops but many users who might have used linux really like the idea of virtual desktops, as it helps in removing clutter from your main desktop and allows to move opened tasks and programs to different desktops. So, for windows 7 there is a free application called VirtuaWin which provides virtual desktops on xp, vista and it supports windows 7 also

VirtuaWin 4.1 Beta 2 and further is made to run on windows 7, I have tested it on Windows 7 RC and Windows 7 RTM which I am running right now, it works perfectly without any issues.

Please Note: It uses windows key by default on your keyboard as the hotkey to change the desktop, so you will need to change it if you don’t want it to configure this way.


One by one you need to create four unique desktops by giving them unique names and clicking the next button, you can only create 4 virtual desktops with this tool. Overall this program is quite difficult to understand and messy when it comes to initial configuration when it comes to using it. But right this is the only program which supports windows 7 and can provide the virtual desktops functionality in windows 7.

User Reviews For VirtuaWin

1. After testing several virtual desktop applications, this is the winner ;-)

2. Thumbs up  – Excellent! Fast, and Very Lightweight

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