Use Laptop Touchpad & Mouse Both At Different Pointer Speed Sensitivity

Most laptop owners who use both built-in-touchpad and computer mouse will surely agree with me that the usability differs highly depending on that choice. Windows offer same pointer speed for both mouse and touchpad which can be extremely frustrating for the users. For example, gamers want that the speed of the mouse should be fast as compared to the touchpad.

Autosensitivity is a freeware application that allows laptop users to set different sensitivity (speed) for your touchpad and mouse and automatically switch between them when you connect or disconnect the mouse.


You can change the sensitivity of both your touchpad and mouse. Slider can be used to change the value of both touchpad and mouse. You can set different value according to your preference. You can also click on Get Current to get the actual sensitivity. Click on Apply to save your new sensitivity.

Users who switch regularly and want this program useful can set it to automatically start when you log in the PC just check the box Run at startup. Click on Minimize and after that it works from the system tray.

This freeware application was tested on windows 7 64-bit OS and works with windows XP, Vista and 7. But you need Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5/4.0 installed on your system.

Download Autosensitivity

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