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Apple recently rolled out iTunes 10 at their music event on September 1st, which included some new features, the most prominent one being Ping, their new social network. Even though iTunes is now a refined and complete music player, its users have often criticized it for not changing some core user experience related features. I for one, would love to have scrobbling support built into iTunes, as I’m an avid user of and use it everyday to discover new music.

Until Apple caves in to the demand, you have to use the scrobbler (which most of us do), but honestly, having 2 separate applications open just to play music is incredibly annoying.

Everplay is an app for Mac OS X which brings together the best of features, combining and iTunes into one beautiful package, with a host of other amazing features to give you a complete social music experience.

Apart from integration, here are some other features of Everplay that I found worth highlighting.

  • Beautiful Interface – The default interface includes the best of both the cover flow view and the list view (sort of like the new hybrid view in iTunes 10, but even better). This default mode works best when you are listening to albums.
  • Jukebox Mode – If you want to listen to specific tracks in a particular order, you can turn on the Jukebox mode and add songs to a pseudo-playlist or queue.
  • Lyrics – Everplay can fetch lyrics for the currently playing track with a convenient shortcut.
  • Twitter Support – Tweet your currently playing track automatically, or tweet manually.
  • Desktop Control – Everplay has a wonderful feature that is an always present desktop control which appears as an small overlay (on all Spaces) and has basic controls so that you don’t have to Cmd + Tab or switch Spaces for basic funcitons like pausing, adjusting volume or next/previous track.
  • Regex Search – If you have a large library of tracks, finding the right track can be challenging. Regex support for search makes that easier.

Overall, Everplay is a wonderful app that can really redefine the way you experience your music. Its priced at $14.95, which is a little high in my opinion, but you can decide that for yourself. There is a free demo available, which you can try before you buy Everplay.

Also, iTunes is required to use Everplay.

Download Everplay

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