Use iPhone As Game Controller With MAC, PC or Linux

I am sure that most of you would agree to the fact that it is pretty difficult to play games on a computer with help of the keyboard. There are plenty of gaming controllers available but it is really difficult for you to carry them around when you travel. Also when you are at work and you feel like playing a game you simply cannot use your gamepad since it wont be allowed in the office.

So here is a really useful app known as the WiFipad for all the iphone and ipod touch owners who like playing games on a gamepad. This application allows you to convert your device into a gamepad for your Mac or a PC and Linux.

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The user interface of this app is really simple and the installation is also real quick. All you have to do is install this app onto your mobile device and the server program for your respected computer system. Once done you have to make sure that both the devices are on the same Wi-Fi network for this application to work.

This application is currently under active development and might not work with some of the games but still we are sure that the upcoming updates will be full of features and bug fixes. So In my opinion even if you are a casual player of video games then you can go ahead and try this app since it enables you to play games wirelessly any where you go and it also relieves you from the burden of carrying your gamepad everywhere you travel.

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