Use iPad As Photo Frame

When iPad is in the locked state, you can use it as a digital photo frame to display a picture album. This is a great way to enjoy iPad while it is charging through USB Cable or through iPad Dock.


Firstly to select the picture frame settings, you can go to Settings > Picture Frame, you will option related to the following.

1. You can select the transition played between photos but the duration of the slideshow can’t be changed.

2. Picture Frame can zoom the image to focus on faces in the image. It can also randomly select one of the faces as the center of focus.

3. Picture Frame can display all photos, or just those in a specifc Album, Faces, or Event category. Select an option, then refine your selection in the list that appears. The Faces, Albums, and Event selections are the same as those in the Photos application.

How To Start Picture Frame

1. Press the Sleep/Wake button to lock iPad.

2. On the Lock screen, tap the flower icon on the right side of the Slider “Slide To Unlock”

How To Stop The Picture Frame

Tap the screen to pause the slideshow, then tap   to return to the Lock or slide the slider to unlock iPad.

Disable Picture Frame In iPad

To disable the picture frame feature, go to Settings > Passcode Lock and set a passcode to unlock iPad


  1. asma says

    ahh thanks so much for the guide i couldnt for the life of me figure out how to get rid of the picture frame option on the lock screen

  2. Robert says

    I would like to disable the picture frame/slideshow button on the “wake up” page because right now unauthorized users that pick up my iPad can view my photos. I have created a passcode, but the picture frame/slideshow button appears on the “wake up” screen with the slide-to-unlock control, which appears before the passcode entry screen. Creating a passcode didn’t disable the picture frame button. Is there something else I have to do?

  3. Gigi says

    Thanks for the info, I’m excited to have my iPad…

    I found this accessory, the iBracket. It looks sweet it will turn the iPad into a photoframe

    If only the iPad comes with wireless syncing

  4. abhishek says

    right now there is no method to disable the picture frame – on wake up screen – if there is in future i will let you know

  5. Paul says

    I just found this out. To disable the picture frame/slideshow button from the “wake up page” go to Settings > Passcode Lock (you then have to enter your Passcode)> and turn the picture Frame off. That’s all there is to it.

  6. Gary says

    You can disable the picture frame on my iPad. After setting your passcode, you’re taken to the Passcode Lock options screen where you can turn Picture Frame on and off.

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