Use Instant Google Dictionary With One Click

While working online, there are times when we need to use dictionary instantly but it takes time to open any site of online dictionary or searching that word on Google. This time delay sometimes  put us in trouble. These are the times when we are in the mid of a presentation or working on some thing very important.

These delays can be avoided by using the new extension Instant Google Dictionary which will let you search instantly.

Google chrome has provided various extensions for different purposes. One of them is Instant Google Dictionary which is very simple to install and use. Its requirement is just Google chrome in your system. It will take just a few minutes in installing this extension and when its done, it will appear as an icon in the toolbar.


With this extension installed you can search words with just a click. For doing this, just click on the icon and it will open a window like a new tab where you can search your desired word.

For example, i have searched the word ‘smile’. Now it will not only show the meaning of the word but also give its ‘Usage examples’ and web definitions’. It also provide the list of recent searches.


It provides dictionary in around 28 languages. So, you can also search for Hindi words by just selecting the language ‘Hindi’ which will show the meaning of searched word in English.

It also provides the option of setting the width of its window by going in the ‘options’ after right-click.


You can also disable and uninstall this extension by clicking the respective options of ‘Disable’ and ‘Uninstall’ in the right-click.


You can manage the extension by going in the option of ‘Manage extensions’ which will open the Extensions tool and here you can also enable this extension even in incognito window by just marking the option ‘Allow in incognito’.


Download Instant Google Dictionary

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