Use Google Wallet To Purchase Things Using Your Android Mobile Phone

When Google Nexus S was about to get released then told you about the NFC (Near Field Communication) as that phone is capable of using this feature. Google has finally started of using this feature and they are after developing the application which will make use of this feature to make your shopping more easy as then you will not have to carry any of the cards in your wallet. In this post we will talk more about this feature in detail and we will also mention about application which is being developed by Google for NFC.


Google Wallet is the application which is being developed for using NFC, now your details of the credit will be inside this application and then you will be able to use your phone as your debit or credit card. you will just need to tap your cellphone and then you can easily make the payment. That does not mean that you will miss the offers available for your Debit or Credit card. It is just an initiative to reduce the gap between online and offline money transaction. Initially Google Wallet will support the Citi MasterCard and Google Offers. Before going further let me tell you that Google Offers are only for some of the selected region in US. So most probably you will be able to use NFC with your Citi MasterCard in your Google Nexus S 4G phone.

Not only Nexus S, but upcoming phone like iPhone 5 and more will be using this technology and the only fact which is poking me is that if you lost your phone, will you be able to stop the thieve from making the transaction within next 5 minutes Surprised smile. So, finally the preparation for NFC has been triggered and now your leather wallet will be lighter than before. I hope that you must have liked this news, if you have got some more info then please let us know, just put it in the comments section.

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