Use Google Scribe Suggestions In Gmail and Online Web Forms

Google has recently launched a new beta tool called google scribe which suggest or autocomplete words as you type them. Google Scribe team has just created an extension for google chrome which enables all the google scribe feature in all web pages and applications.


When you use this extension, your browser will send a query to Google to see if there are any suggestions for the document that you are writing. Google Scribe suggestions will be disabled by default, but you can enable it by pressing Ctrl+J. You can also press Ctrl+Shift+J to switch to the on-demand mode that shows suggestions only when you press Tab.

If you are using google chrome, then in order to activate it you might need to check the option to automatically enable in any active text box. In order to do it, open google chrome extensions page as shown in the image below.


click to options link for google scribe extension as shown in the image below


Under options check the box which says Automatically enable Google Scribe on active text field and then click save options as shown in the image below.


Please Note: This extension doesn’t work well in Gmail if you use the editor’s plain text mode or Scribe’s on-demand mode. Another Google service that’s not compatible with Scribe is Google Docs.

For other browsers, you can add the bookmarklet from this page. The main difference is that you have to enable Scribe by clicking on the bookmarklet. Install this google chrome extension from here

[ Via Google Operating System ]

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