Use Google Chrome Address Bar To Find Out Meaning Of Words

Google Chrome is a great browser, as it is fast and lighter on system resources it works great on most of the computers. We have previously posted about several google chrome tips and tricks, today we will tell you how to search for a word meaning using google chrome address bar.

As most of us know google chrome address bar serves as a great tool for searching on google, now with simple trick you can use google chrome address bar to find the meaning of a word just like you use it for search.

type define:<word> in address bar and press enter [as shown in the image below]

10-26-2010 2-27-03 PM

Once you press enter, you will see the meaning of the word directly delivered to you this way from google just like search results as shown in the image below.

10-26-2010 2-34-31 AM

This could be simple tip, but useful for many people to know the meaning of a word quickly. Let us know if you like this simple tip.

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