Use Facebook On Any Old Or New Mobile Phone Without Activating 3G or Edge

We all know how important some of the social networking websites like Facebook has become in our life. Not only on PCs or laptops, rather now it is being used through smartphones and other similar devices. But, the problem is that majority of users do not have smartphones and thus accessing web services like Facebook is a dream for them. So, in order to make this dream a reality, today we are going to discuss a new technique which provides this service and has been named as Facebook for Fonetwish service.

Fonetwish is basically a newly launched service which allows the users to access their Facebook account and that too without making use of the Internet connection. Along with this, it doesn’t require expensive or a particular category phone for the service. Rather, it allows any mobile phone users (almost) like from old Nokia 3100 to latest smart phone users to update Facebook status for free with the help of this service. Along with this status update feature, if you further need some more features then you need to pay a nominal fee for which you can get full control of your Facebook account. It also includes some of the advanced features from your old phone and that too without any need of internet connection or data plan for mobile phone which is a real big advantage.

Now let us talk about the usage of this service. In order to use it, you need to follow the below mentioned steps in the given order :

1. First of all, you need to Dial *325# from your mobile handset in order to get start with the service. Once you dial it, you may observe that a new pop-up will come up which will ask you to enter your Facebook account password. It will then verify your password and once verified, you will see menu for using Facebook on mobile phone.


2. This menu comprises of features like: Update status which as mentioned is available for free and other premium services like: news feed, post on wall, friend request and notifications which all are charged at Re. 1 per day for unlimited usage. As mentioned, you can update Facebook status quickly for free using this service which is a nice feature.


Currently, this service is supported by only few service providers such as Airtel, Aircel, Tata Docomo in India and by XLcom, Telkomsel in Indonesia. So, if you are using either of these mobile operator services as your mobile connection service, then this service should work as explained above in few simple steps.

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