Use Facebook From Mac OS X Desktop With FaceTab

Facebook is the hottest and most popular online social community at the moment, and the addiction is global. Millions of people log on to Facebook everyday, and spend hours of their time browsing through status updates, photos, videos, and news shared by their friends. Facebook is not just limited to being a website, it is a complete community, accessible via mobile phones, text messages, native apps for iOS, Android, Blackberry and many other media.

Though Facebook does not have any official application for desktop platforms (they want you to visit the website in a traditional web browser), many third party apps exist which attempt to make it easier for you to log on to Facebook and get to your content as fast as possible.

One such application for Mac OS X is FaceTab. The primary purpose for FaceTab is ease-of-access. Its sad, but true, people are lazy enough that they want something that is easier than clicking a bookmark on their browser. FaceTab sits in your Mac OS X status bar, a convenient location to visit when you just want to skim over some of the latest updates, or share something without the need of opening your browser (if you actually bother to close it, I personally don’t remember the last time I exited my browser).

Apart from this basic functionality, FaceTab also offers notifications for updates. Whenever you get a notification on Facebook, a red dot appears on the status bar icon for Facetab and also makes an audible tone, an indication that there are unread notifications associated with your Facebook account. This is something that is unique to Facetab, no other application provides this functionality.

The default refresh rate for Facetab is 1 minute, but you can customize it to be as low as 30 seconds or as high as 15 minutes, according to your preference. Unfortunately there is no support for a live feed, probably because Facebook does not provide APIs for their live stream.

Optionally, if you upgrade to FaceTab Pro, you get access to Facebook chat from within the Facetab app. IMO if you already use a chat client such as iChat or Adium, plugins exist to add Facebook chat support to them, so I would not recommend purchasing the pro version.

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