Use Both Start Menu & Start Screen In Windows 8 At The Same Time

Windows 8 consumer preview has been recently released, we have already posted an extensive guide on how you should go forward about installing windows 8 on your new or old Pc, you can read that guide here. In case you have windows 8 developer preview then you should go for a upgrade which will be both more easy and quick, you can read how to that here. As per users initial reviews windows 8 is great in terms of UI but the most annoying thing in windows 8 is that is does not have start menu and after using windows with start menu since windows xp, most the people are used to it. Today we will tell you how to use both start menu and start screen in windows 8.

windows 8 start screen

Most of the third part tweaks like this Newgen, Windows 8 Tweaker or Windows 8 Start Menu Toggle which allows you to install or enable start menu in windows 8 now may not work on the latest version windows 8 consumer preview. But still the regular method which involves registry editing may work for some, you can read the guide here. All the previous methods and utilities which still work and enable start menu all programs in windows 8 disables the start screen that means that you can either use start menu or start screen in windows 8 with these tools, however we also wrote a guide on how to make both of them work on windows 8 developer preview version.

Now one of the Utility which could make both of these features work at the same time is ViStart which enables start menu like windows 7 with access to all programs and regular search bar in windows start menu in windows 8. But this software now comes bundled with some adware, make sure that once you install it after downloading avoid the install of “Babylon toolbar" and "Registry Cleaner Pro" software, press the decline button during install process as shown in the image below.

decline registry cleaner

avoid installing babylon toolbar

Once it is installed and running, you will see the start menu orb icon with you can access the old start menu in windows 8 consumer preview as shown in the image below.

windows 8 start menu all programs

The only small issue which you will see that the taskbar icon may overlap with the start menu orb, for this we would recommend you to install Start Orb Mover at TheWindowsClub or read this tip by AskVg here to space out the start menu orb button on windows 8 taskbar.

Now for using both start menu and start screen in windows 8 after installing ViStart, move your move over and hold for a second or more to left bottom corner to the end of you will see the start screen small thumbnail as shown in the image below.

start screen initiator windows 8

We call it start screen starter in windows 8, click on it to launch start screen and make sure you don’t move your mouse when you click as shown in the image above. This will launch the start screen instantly as shown in the image below.

windows 8 start screen screenshot

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