USB Hidden Copier – Copies All The Contents Of Any USB Drive Connected To Your Computer

USB Hidden Copier is the best software if you want to copy contents which includes all files and folder in the pen drive connected to your computer.


This small software works in stealth mode as the user does not know that his or her USB drive content is being copied because USB hidden copier have no visible window.

You can start USB Hidden Drive Copier in 3 easy steps, first you need to click Install then Start and Stop when ever you want to stop it.

How To Run USB Hidden Copier?

It will display a small tray icon in system tray, you just need to press Alt+c to start coping the pen drive contents. It will show the program icon in the notification area for 1/2 sec and will hide again( this is an acknowledgment that the copy command is accepted by the software)

How To Stop Or Exit USB Hidden Copier?

To close the program anytime press Alt+E , you will be again notified with a small icon in system tray which will be showing and hiding for 1/2 second.

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Download USB Hidden Copier   [via Technize ]


  1. sankirsh says

    hey the download link does not have the file anymore
    can you mail it to me at

  2. sankirsh says

    hi, i am looking for a pen drive copier and found your post

    the link does not have the file anymore, so i was thinking, if you mail it to me at

    thanx in advance

  3. bungle bear says

    hi , installed the prog works fine on home laptop but tried on other pc ( intended unit ) but software tries to copy “A” drive eg floppy drive witch other unit has as well as usb drives ? could do with help other pc runs xp

  4. lucy says

    What about from a distance? Is there a way for a user in California to copy your thumbdrive contents (in Oregon) & ahve it sent to their California terminal?

  5. lucy says

    cuz I’m worried this may ahve happend to me. How can I tell if it has, or is going on now?

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