Upload, Share Photos On Internet From Mac OS X

When it comes to quickly sharing your images online, Minus is a known and recognized name. It rose to fame on a lot of social networking sites such as reddit, because of its simplicity. All you have to do to share photos on the Internet, is open the Minus website in a tab in your favorite browser, and drag and drop the photos you want to share onto the tab. Minus automatically uploads all your photos, and gives you quick links so you can share them.

While this is a very convenient way to share images on image boards, forums or social networking websites on the Internet, it has the limitation of requiring a browser to be open, even when you just want to share photos with you friends via email, IM or IRC.

To cater to this, Minus has released a cross-platform desktop app, that allows you to quickly slap your images online and share them with friends, without the need to open a browser.

The Minus app is a very minimalistic app (in features, I am not sure why the app is over 38 MB in size). It adds a small minus (-) icon in the status bar, which acts as your control hub. To upload images, all you have to do is drag your apps to the status bar icon. On hovering the cursor over the icon, a small window pops up, and you can release your mouse button with the cursor on the pop-up.

After the upload is complete, a dialog window pops up, which contains the link for your image(s).

While this is a commendable initiative from Minus, but the app is seriously lacking in functionality and is riddled with poorly designed features. I am saying this because I use Cloud.app regularly, and it provides a much more user-friendly interface, and better usability.

  • Why is the link not placed directly on the clipboard after uploading?
  • What is the need for the pop-up windows, when a status bar icon has been included?
  • Why is icon red in color, when the standard for status bar icons on Mac OS X is grey-black?

Overall, I would recommend Cloud.app over the Minus app anyday.

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