Upload or Download Files From Dropbox With Encryption Protection Support With SecretSync

With the increasing use of internet and the services provided on the internet, data security has been one of the concern for every user. Among the various services used, Cloud storage is one of the most popular service that has emerged recently and have become popular among large number of users. Among the service providers for this cloud storage, Dropbox has emerged and now has become a popular choice for sharing and saving data in the Cloud. But as said earlier, the files that are stored in the Dropbox folder which is also available on your PC’s hard drive can have a concern for security and confidentiality as they can be accessed easily by any other user who can access your system.


In order to provide better security, some applications have been developed which can help you in these concerns. SecretSync is one of such tools by which your data remains secured even while using Dropbox and that too while using the complete functionalities of Dropbox. It provides you complete security for your documents by encrypting them easily.

SecretSync is a freeware tool for windows which uses some of the encryption algorithm, with the help of which your private data is easily encrypted with a pass key. As said earlier that, Dropbox does store your files which are encrypted on their servers, but the users do not have access to the encryption keys. So what SecretSync does is that it simply adds a client side encryption and protection for Dropbox files which allows you to easily share your personal and sensitive information using online synchronization.


You can easily download and install this software in your systems. After running the installation file, as soon as you launch it for the very first time, it will ask you to create an account with them and get the security token. Not only this, but for the added security, you can even enter the passphrase or passkey. On installation, it will automatically create a SecretSync encryption folder which infact is directly linked to your Dropbox folder which contains all your documents. All confidential data present in different files that are placed inside the Secret Sync folder are encrypted and then they are copied and synced with Dropbox.


Now to retrieve back that data and to access the SecretSync encrypted data from other Dropbox configured PC, you have to access your confidential files from Dropbox web UI. Along with this feature, it also provide you one more service which has been named as SecretSync Log View, which is there to maintain a complete and detailed log of the files which have been synced and even of those files which are not synced. You may also copy these files manually.

The basic and the most important advantage of using Secret Sync over a manual solution is that it is much easier and lot more comfortable to use. You just have to install the software, create an account and then you can easily share data with complete security. As told earlier, on additional systems it becomes lot easier as only your username, password and optionally the passphrase that you have configured are required to access the secured data.

Along with these features, program runs silently in the background and there is no user interface to stop or start it. In order to close the program, you have to kill the related process in the Windows Task Manager. Currently, Secret Sync is only available for Windows, but the Mac and Linux versions will be introduced soon.

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