Upload Files Directly To Adobe Acrobat Document With Desktop Client CloudDrive

Adobe Acrobat Document Service is like most other online storage solutions, such as Google Docs, Microsoft Skydrive, only offers you to upload/download files through their websites. When it comes to uploading a large file or folder you are forced to open these above mentioned web services in some internet browser like IE, Firefox or Google Chrome etc,

The entire process to upload a file is lengthy, cumbersome and takes probably hours to finish and even user need to make sure that the uploading page is opened all the time to that the upload does not stop. On the other hand here is a free software called CloudDrive which is a free desktop based client software for Adobe Acrobat Document Service, it allows you to upload and download files from adobe acrobat online service. 


So the major advantage of using this tool is that you can upload files directly to adobe acrobat document service without opening their website, You can also download any of the uploaded file at adobe acrobat document as shown in the image below.


In Short – It allows to Upload/Download any files/folders with just a drag&drop, It is 100% Free Program, works on all windows operating system versions

Download CloudDrive

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