Upload Entire Folders or Selected Files In Google Docs

So, its Google again and this time Google has updated some of the features of Google Docs and now it seems simpler for us to upload the documents and the folders on our Google Documents. With the help of this change you will not have to upload the bundle of file by compressing it in the RAR file, rather now you can upload the whole folder on Google Docs as it is. Once you upload it now, it will be there as other folders on you Google Docs. But there is a twist in the story, in this post we will talk more about this.


The twist is that you will be able to use this feature only if you have Google Chrome browser installed on the system as these features will not work with other browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Safari. With the help of this new uploading option, you can upload any of the file or any of the folders. You can see the Upload options in the screenshot shown above. This will surely help the users to get attracted towards Google Docs for online editing viewing and uploading the documents.

The only problem still worries me is regarding the free space available for Google Docs which is only 1 GB and when they are providing such an ease to upload the documents, then this will be very less. Moreover when now you have got the applications for you Android and iPhone mobiles and you when you have also got the feature to add images on the spreadsheet, then obviously the size of the files will be heavier as compared to the previous ones.

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