Upgrade Windows 8 Developer Preview To Consumer Preview Version

As most of us know windows 8 consumer preview is out for public download, you can download it from here or download the ISO from this link. We have already written an extensive guide on all things you need to know if you are considering installing windows 8 on your new or old computer, you can read it here. There are many guides being posted on web in last two days which talk about different ways to install windows 8 in different scenarios, you can read these awesome step by step images guides by Amit Aggarwal which talks about almost every possible case of windows 8 installation.

But for those who have windows 8 developer preview there is no good guide till now on web, as this was the case with me I have windows 8 dev preview installed on one of my test windows machine so instead of new install of windows 8 consumer preview on the same machine, I decided to upgrade windows 8 developer preview to consumer preview version. To my surprise it was pretty simple and the whole process took only 15 –20 minutes.

Guide To Install Windows 8 Consumer Preview Without Deleting Windows 8 Developer Preview

Firstly I would like to recommend you to download and install windows 8 consumer preview setup utility from here and boot in windows 8 developer preview, it only 5 MB in size but will give you vital information as which existing software’s on old windows 8 version will work on new windows 8 version.

Upgrade Windows 8 Developer Preview To Consumer Preview

Once you have downloaded the ISO file, go and download the free version of magicdisc from here and install it, during installation it will install driver for which windows may prompt wih a warning ignore that warning and allow it to install it, once installed mount the ISO downloaded to the new virtual drive created, to know how to do it read our extensive guide here 

Now after mounting the windows 8 setup ISO file double click on the drive icon to run the setup if it has not already started, and select to install windows 8. Follow the on screen instructions as per you choice, after time it will ask you to whether you want to keep personal files and settings.

Note: As it automatically detects that you have windows 8 developer preview it will not ask from you whether you want to upgrade it will automatically upgrade that for you which is really smart about windows 8 consumer preview.


It will take another 15 minutes to complete the windows 8 setup, but the time may increase or decrease as per the hardware configuration of your PC. Once it completes you will see a fish with some bubbles as shown in the image below.


After completing the setup, your computer it will automatically restart and then it will ask you configure some settings as user like the following.



After it completes with some more restart required, you will see the new windows 8 consumer preview lock screen which will take the same username and credentials you used before in windows 8 developer preview to get unlocked.


Congrats you windows 8 developer preview is converted into windows 8 consumer preview with minimum efforts. 

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