Update Facebook Status With More Characters Than Allowed [ Cross 420 Characters Limit ]

There are times when you want to break the rules and do things beyond them, when it comes to online world services like twitter, facebook etc have a limit  on the number of characters you can post in a single update. Twitter has a characters limit of 140 chars when you post a status update, similarly facebook also have a character limit of 420 chars when you post a status update.

When it comes to posting status update more than 420 chars you can use the trick explained below.

1. Go to facebook.com in any internet browser and login with your username and password.

2. When you click on the status update box on facebook, select the option to upload a photo option as shown in the image below.


3. Now write down the whole text message inside the photo text description as shown in the image below and share it 


This way you can post a message with more than 420 characters of text with the help of photo upload option. 

[ Thanks ShoutMeLoud For This Tip ]

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