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Yahoo has always been one of the most popular instant messenger and recently Yahoo as launched the beta version of new Yahoo Messenger 11. The great idea behind this new version of Yahoo IM 11 beta is that Yahoo is now turning into a social chat messenger. This new version offers various ways to stay connected with your buddies and am sure the lost Yahoo popularity because of some other competitive messengers like Google’s GTalk etc. will now going to increase.

This new idea od integrating the chat feature of the Giant’s social networking Facebook in messenger itself is really an innovative and useful feature. Not only the Facebook chat, now you can even enjoy more and exciting games including the hot favourites Facebook games from Zynga like Poker, Farmville, Fishville, Mafia Wars and much more by even other companies, from your yahoo messenger itself.

The another great useful feature which I liked about this tool is that you can even update your Facebook Status, post comments and keep up with conversations across Facebook from your messenger only. Well to start telling more about this tool, let me start with the home window of this new messenger.

21-11-2010 14-36-41

Well frankly speaking, the looks of this messenger is similar as that of previous versions. I know you all must be awaiting for Yahoo to change its old appearance, but unfortunately this version is too the same in looks as it predecessors. But the things which is new in this messenger is the integrated Facebook feature. As you can see on the top of snapshot that there is option to Link to Facebook. So when you click on it, you will see the following window.

21-11-2010 14-37-35

So you are required to enter your Facebook account information in this box. Once you click on Login it will show you the following window and ask to you allow this tool to publish some of posts and other this of your wall.

21-11-2010 14-38-21

Click on Allow to enable auto publishing. After that it will display you the window from where you the customize some of the general settings related to your Facebook account accessed through Yahoo. Simply uncheck all those options which you don’t want to activate.

21-11-2010 14-39-16

Once you complete all the steps, your Facebook chat will then automatically added in your yahoo account. You will even get notified by a small pop up message at the system tray.

21-11-2010 14-39-36

After that a Facebook char box will get open automatically.

21-11-2010 14-40-59

To start chatting with your Facebook buddies, simply browse to the end of your groups added in your yahoo account and then in the end you will find a new group with the name Facebook displaying the name and status of your online Facebook buddies. So you can directly conversate with them as usual from your Yahoo messenger.

21-11-2010 14-41-22

The other exciting thing integrated in this new version is the games. You all must have got bored with Yahoo’s old 4 or 5 basic games which are very monotonous. So now you can enjoy wide range of games from your yahoo account only. Simply click on Games gallery from your main yahoo messenger’s window and you will be directed to following page from where you can see huge number of games.

21-11-2010 14-44-19

When you click on any game, you will be notified with the following message.

21-11-2010 14-44-55

Click on Yes and then your game will get open after successfully login. Below I am showing you an example of my favourite game- Zynga Poker which I just started playing from my new Yahoo messenger 11. Its really cool.

21-11-2010 14-48-43

There is also options given from where you can sign in or sign out from the Facebook chat. Click on Sign in or Sign out from Facebook whenever you want to perform the desired function.

22-11-2010 00-53-04

In nutshell it is really impressive and you all must give a try to this new Yahoo IM 11 beta. As usual this tool will download a installer of size 416 Kb when you download it from the link given below and when you run that installer, it will then automatically download this latest version from internet and within 10 to 15 minutes it will then get installed in your system.

Download Yahoo Instant Messenger 11

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