UnTag, Remove Your Facebook Profile Tagged In A Photo

As per me facebook tagging is a great feature but it is also one of the most spammy feature in facebook. So it might happen when a facebook friend of yours has tagged in a photo and then your facebook profile is flooded with large number of notifications. In such a case you might get irritated with all these notifications popping up in your facebook profile and gets annoyed, today we will tell you the simple solution to this problem.

In order to get rid of these notifications, you will need to open the photo in which you are tagged in and the you will need to untag your photo, follow the procedure below

1. Login to facebook.com and click one of the notification which says your friend has tagged you in a photo


2. Click the link a photo of you to visit the photo in which you are tagged in

3. Once you have landed on the page which has the photo in which you are tagged, you will see your name below the photo and you will see the link to remove tag as shown in the image below.


4. Click the link remove tag to remove your self from being tagged in that photo, once you untag your profile you will stop receiving the notifications for the same.

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