Unread Emails Count In Browser Tab With Gmail Favicon

The Gmail Favicon can be useful for you if you want to make use of it, a very smart application in the labs has been discovered recently which will help you to know the number of unread mails available in your account, so if you are working in any other window or any other tab then you can keep the track on the number of unread mails in your account. In this post I will be telling you about that tool in the lab and how you can use it. You can call that new lab application as Unread Message Icon.


You can see the snapshot of the tool in the snapshot shown above. You will just have to enable it and then you will be able to use it perfectly, but it has been observed that it does not work properly sometimes so it might lead you with a wrong number and you may miss any of the newly received mails in your account. When you will do any other work in any other tab or window you will be able to see that counter in the Gmail icon available on the tab or the window heading. Another limitation exhibited by this extension is that you will be able to use it in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.


As I already mentioned that it is unstable so I will suggest you to go for using an extension for Google Chrome named as Minimalist, which has lots of feature related to Gmail and it will not only help you to see the counter in favicon but you can also make some necessary changes in the Gmail appearance like you customize the navigation bar and take care of the friend invitation bar on your Gmail. You can see the snapshot of the same right above this paragraph.

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Minimalist Gmail notification

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