Unlock iPhone By Scanning Human Face With Front Camera With RecognizeMe [For Jailbroken iPhones]

Cydia and Hackulous as we know they are always finding some new tricks to facilitate the Apple users without profiting Apple and most of the time they do succeed in it. This time they have got a trick or we should say a tweet with the help of which you can unlock your phone very easily. In this post we will talk more about this new tweak developed by Cydia and we will also post a video which will help you to make use of this tweak.


First of all let me tell you that this tool will work only for iPhone 4 as it is the only iPhone in the series which has got front camera, so this face recognition feature associated with this tweak is available with iPhone 4 only. You must have noticed that while trying to unlock your iPhone you need to enter the Passcode for it, this will tool will give you the alternative to surpass that Passcode security and then you will be able to unlock the iPhone. The screenshot shown above can make you see that how you will see the option to use this tool. The video narrating more regarding this tool is attached below.

When you will reach at the point where your iPhone will ask the Passcode you will another option besides it which will help you to scan your face and then once it recognizes you it will unlock your iPhone. This tool is in the queue to get launched and once released, you will be able to get this tool for $6.99. The price is worth as it is really a smart way to unlock your iPhone, this tweak has used one of the best feature of iPhone 4 for the benefits of the user.If you found this information genuine and useful then please go on sharing it with your friends and please let us know about any new update or problem faced by using it. Just remember to put them in the comments section.

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