Universal Facebook Notifier Windows and Linux

Many of my friends are facebook freaks, they spent so much of their time on facebook and more important for any facebook user, the primary reason to use facebook very often is to get all the notifications so that they don’t miss them.

In such a case, if you want to get to know about all the notifications on your facebook account, you can use a notifier program to get all these notifications on your desktop, FjB is a small easy to use facebook notifier which check your facebook account for new notifications. It also allows you to change your status on facebook.

This is how it will show all the new notifications on facebook


This is how you can change the status of your facebook status


Note: In order use this facebook notifier you will need to verify it by entering your facebook username and password.   

Download Facebook Notifier For Windows or Mac   


  1. kristof says

    is the download of the facebook notifier still up?
    i tried, made a google account first but i couldn’t get it, it seems.

    let me know plz…

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