Uninstall Or Install Codecs In Windows To Play Unsupported Video Types

There are times when your audio or video files do not play in your music player and report about a broken codec. But most of us do not know where to find these codecs list and how to change or remove a particular codec.

For this, there is a freeware called Codec Toolbar RS which will show the list of all codecs present in your system. But, it is only tested on Windows xp (32/64-bit).

The downloaded Codec Toolbar is an executable file so it does not need any installation. The application is simple and easy to use. Even a beginner will be able to access it. The main window has 6 parameters which will perform their respective work.

The ‘List Codecs’ will let you know about all the codecs present in your system with their respective merits. In this 0.6 version, List codecs will provide the option of selecting the 32 or 64-bit or both version.


For knowing about a particular codec merit, you can select ‘Read merit of codec’ and specify the name of the codec and click ‘Run’. For example, i want to know about the ‘AVI Spitter’ codec merit then, i will specify it and just have to click ‘run’ and it will show its merit.


You can also detect the list of broken codecs by selecting ‘Detect broken codecs’. It also provide the option of fixing broken codecs. You just have to mark the option and ‘Run’.


It also provides the option of removing or changing a specified codec. You have to select ‘Remove a Codec’ or ‘Change merit of the codec’ respectively.

NOTE: It is advisable to make a backup of the registry before using these parameters because it is still beta version.


It also provides the option of using command line with ‘Use command Line’ and specifying the required task. Here, i have specified the list of codecs of 32 version.


The Command line instructions can be read by clicking the ‘Read Me’ option which will show this window.


The option of ‘Log’ will let you see all the details in the bigger window shown in this snapshot.


Download Codec Toolbar RS 0.6 Beta

Also, read about similar tool in the article Detect, Find Installed, Supported Audio, Video Codecs On Your Computer.

For all Windows 7 users, you can download the pack of Windows 7 codecs from here: Download Windows 7 Complete Codecs Collection and Download Free Windows 7 Codec Packs.

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