Undo Sent Email Through Gmail Mobile Web Interface

Now, Google Mobile application has been improved and it is a great news for all who love to be online through their mobile phones. This new upgradation in the Gmail mobile application will help you to recover from your errors quickly. In this post we will talk more about this feature and we will also talk that how it can help you.


It generally happens while while using your phone, that you accidentally delete any of the wrong mail or you unknowing put the wrong label on any of your mail. This problem must have happened with you if you have got a touch feature, because their a wrong touch on your phone can make you delete the wrong mails. I know you can them further, but then no one wants to waste the time while doing so, as it includes lots of steps, moreover it annoys and irritates the user using that application.

Google has gone for upgrading their mobile application so that they can help users to overcome this problem. Now you will be seeing new button on your application like ‘Undo’ option for basically the four types of operations on your system. The operations are adding or removing any label, deleting any mail, moving any mail to any other category and archiving any mail. So, now it will be very handy for you to revert back after making the wrong changes. Example, if you have deleted any main by mistake then as soon as you delete that mail you will see an option stating ‘Undo Delete’, pressing this will recover the deleted mail back to your inbox.

So, if you have got your Android or iPhone, then the upgrade is available. So, go on sharing this piece of information with your friends and then please let us know about your own views and suggestion or if you have got anything new related to this post then just put them down in the comments sections and we will be glad to share it with all the readers on your behalf (if we found it genuine and useful). I am sure that this will really help you to work intelligently on internet. So, keep reading and surfing!!!


  1. ashesh says

    It would also make sense to have the “undo” sent mail. It is common that we click “send” on the small screen of a mobile accidentally. “Undo” option should be available similar to the one on PCs.

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