Type, Write Indian Rupee Symbol With English Keyboard

July 20, 20100 Comments

New Indian Rupee Symbol has been finalised, now just like dollar and euro our indian rupee too have an international symbol. Foradian technologies Pvt Ltd has created the Indian rupee font which you can download and install in your Computer for free.


We are going to tell you how you can write, type the new indian rupee symbol shown in the image above with a normal English keyboard. Follow the procedure below for the same.

1. Download the free indian rupee font from here  

2. Now install this font on your computer by just double clicking and then click the install button in windows 7 or copy the font file in C:\Windows\Fonts folder


3. Now open word or any other editor like notepad for example and change your font to Rupee Foradian and then press tilt key [ ~ ] below the escape key to type the new indian rupee symbol 


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