Type In Hindi With English Qwerty Keyboard Using Web Utility By Microsoft

So from now onwards you will not have to think twice before typing any message or a long letter in any of your regional language. A very nice initiative made by Microsoft to help us (Indians) to write in our own script. They have tries their best to solve our problem when we want to write any mail in our mother tongue or any other regional language. The desktop utility which i will be reviewing today is named as Microsoft Indic Language Tool and i am too excited to tell you about it.

They tried their best to cover most popular languages in used in our country. The languages covered by them are mentioned as follows:

  • Bengali
  • Gujarati
  • Kannada
  • Malayalam
  • Marathi
  • Oriya
  • Punjabi
  • Tamil
  • Telugu

Honestly, even i don’t know about the total languages or scripts used in our country, but still they tried their best to cover most of the popular languages used in our country.

You will just have to mark that utility as your bookmark and whenever you want to convert your text written in English to Hindi then you can do it by this clicking on this bookmark. Please keep in mind that it will not convert the data collectively in other words before starting to write the content you will have to click that bookmark and then you can start typing as much as you want.

As I used Mozilla Firefox to use this utility, so the snapshot shown below is of Mozilla Firefox. You just have to drag the orange colored icon to the toolbar where the rest of the bookmarks are placed. The link to use this utility has been mentioned below.


The moment you press space bar after completely writing a whole word, it will convert that word into your language that has been selected by the bookmark. If it does not recognize a particular word then it also has a dictionary which can be used to make any correction in the spelling of your English text or you it can make you select the most appropriate Hindi word which you were trying to type.

The accuracy of this utility is quite high as compared any other tool which you might be using. As, it was working file when i wrote a mail in Hindi. It is compatible with all the popular browsers which we use in our daily life like Mozilla Firefox, Internet Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera also.

You can use this utility at http://specials.msn.co.in/ilit/Hindi.aspx

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