Type In Hindi or In Your Native Language On Your Computer With Microsoft Indic Language Input Tool

Recently i was talking about the web utility which can help you to type anything in Hindi, but it was helpful only for the content which was written on the webpage. Microsoft Office had a Hindi script but there was a huge problem with the arrangement of buttons it had on the keyboard, every character of Hindi word was assigned to a different key and they were not aligned linearly, So, if any one wanted to type a letter or make any poster in Hindi, then you need to learn that alignment and then you can type  using that script.

But no one has that much of time to learn the key alignment, so Microsoft helped us to sort out this problem and they released a freeware which is known as Microsoft Indic Language Input Tool and it can help you to type in Hindi as easily as possible. When we generally chat in Hindi then we use ‘Meri’ for ‘मेरी’ and it is the easiest way to type in Hindi, this is one the best features of the web utility and this tool which i will be reviewing now. You will just have to type the words oh Hindi in English and then after pressing space bar it will be automatically converted to the Hindi word.

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Whenever you want to type in Hindi anywhere on your system, you will have to press the Hindi button available in the language bar and when you want to revert back to your previous language then change to that language in the language bar.

The size of this tool is 4 Mb, it will extract which will be followed by installation and it will take no time for these processes. After getting installed you will see it on the taskbar where the ‘EN’ symbol is present, initially there was only on language enlisted in it. Now you will be able to see Hindi written on that list. But if you never has any language bar as mentioned above on your task bar then you can follow these steps:


Go to Control Panel and then search Region and Language option, click that option, the application window will look like the same as mentioned below.

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Click the Language Bar option and inside that option make the check box of floating on Desktop, click apply and after doing do you will see the language bar on the top of the Desktop.

04-Aug-10 10-31-45 AM


This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows as it has been checked with Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition.

Download Microsoft Indic Language Input Tool

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