TxtWeb Provides Information On Any Topic Via SMS On Any Phone

Sms Texting is one of the common things people do with their mobile, as it can be done with any phone irrespective of its feature and sms messaging is one of the most basic feature which needs to be there on every phone, and with the penetration of mobile internet through edge, gprs and 3G but not all people have the phones which are compatible for using these data mediums and also the charges which occur with these services.

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In such a case those who use the basic feature phones and are not connected to internet to access information can use the free mediums like txtweb to access the same information via sms. As is free service, but you will be charged with standard sms rates for all the sms you sent to their system , and all the sms you receive which contains information will be free and you will not be charged as usual. 

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Txtweb lets you access most of the relevant information like a wikipedia entry on a word or topic, you just need to sms @wikipedia <your_search_query> to 9243342000 and you will receive updates with in a minute or some times instantly, simply type keywords such as @cricket or @CRICBUZZ to get the latest cricket scores, SMS @WIKIPEDIA HINDI to get the Wikipedia entry on Hindi language or SMS @STOCKTIP to get latest stock tips and trends, SMS @PASSPORT <password_application_number> to know the status of your passport application.

The user has to SMS a keyword to 92433 42000 to get the information that he/she is looking for which would be delivered to their phone in seconds. Currently, txtWeb has 20,000 unique mobile users, making 40,000 service requests per day basis, Its seeing huge adoption with the user base doubling every 15 days.

Txtweb allows two types of things one is txtapp which you can develop using almost any programming languages including java, c++ etc  another option is for non developers like bloggers and brands who can create a txtsite, you can easily create a free account on Txtweb.com in simple 5 minutes.

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Those developers who are developing these great apps like one for cricket updates and another for wikipedia search right now does not get any monetary benefit for these apps, and they are hosting it on either the google apps, or amazon and even some of the popular apps are being hosted on txtweb as well, hopefully as the system grows the developers will be getting the real juice of their hard work through a monetization model txtweb is thinking off. Currently for all the most popular apps the developers are being featured on the txtweb featured section here

We tested of the most popular wikipedia app on txtweb, there are large number of apps being submitted by independent developers every day, we registered for the service in the morning, and tested the service, it worked pretty fine, some snapshots are posted below.


txtWeb in India has been sponsored by Intuit, a Mountain View, California based company. Intuit in India promotes local solutions that will serve large, unmet or underserved needs. Intuit is committed to finding innovative solutions that to improve the lives of our customers, with specific focus on leveraging data and information via the mobile platform.

They have recently started the App2Fame contest, which is an online contest for developers who want to create an impact with their work, if you develop a great app you can win an ipad 2 , read the contest details here or you can also try the google chrome extension for txtweb here and try out all the apps in your browser for free, without even requiring you to text, the format will remain the same.

We hope you like our review of txtweb,find out more at Txtweb.com

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