Twitter Promoted Accounts Started

So, now twitter has decided to launch promoted accounts. Now as you can get from the name that the promoted accounts will be a part of advertisement on twitter. They have stated that these accounts will be for the users who want to promote their product in the market. Now, please let me tell you that How will it work on twitter.

Several users follow different tweets on twitter and these tweets specify the field of interest of a particular user. So, twitter will read the interest of a particular user and then it will suggest the user to look for certain product and it might both the users, the user (who is a general public and the one who is trying to sell his product in the market). This is quite analogous to the recommendation which are received on the YouTube account. As you might have seen that when user searches something over it then YouTube reads the type of search and then it recommends the user with the videos which he has not seen.

From my perspective I will suggest that it is really a very good initiative made by Twitter. This will help its user to be aware about all the general products which are available in the market. Now, as per the facts they have already got many nomination for their promoted accounts and I would say that when even Google decided to make an account on Twitter and then tweet about its update then why can’t the other companies do the same.

Recently witter decided to launch their tweet access through mobiles and now this strategy of advertisement clearly reflect that Twitter is really after making profit these. So, lets see what will be happening now. I would say that initially there was a news that Yahoo will be merging with Bing. So, may be yahoo is trying to earn more profits through Twitter ;). It just a Guess!!!! plzzzzz

They have also provided some of the addition tweaks to them and if I am not wrong then they should be obviously charged heavily for these kind of account. We will try our best to keep our readers updated with all the information which is received as per this news. Meanwhile if you happen to get any important information, then please do not hesitate to put that down in comments. Enjoy and have a nice day!!!!

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