Twitter Official App For Mac OS X [Review]

If you have used Tweetie on Mac OS X before, then you have already experienced this app. Twitter has since purchased the company that created Tweetie, Atebits, and has rebranded the next version of Tweetie (which was rumored to be called Tweetie 2) as ‘Twitter for Mac’. Twitter for Mac was one of the most popular free apps that was launched on the same day as the Mac App Store was announced.

(A beautiful new icon, too)

Regardless of your past experience with Tweetie, Twitter for Mac is a client that you will fall in love with at first look. Its very sleek, fast, and has all your various columns for timeline, mentions, DMs, lists, search and profile arranged vertically on a beautiful black translucent sidebar. Here’s a look at the UI.

The icons are smooth, beautifully designed, integrate into the whole look and feel of the application. Apart from how the UI looks, Twitter for Mac also feels very polished to use. Whenever you switch from one pane to another, a very smooth, neat transition takes place so that you know the change has taken place. This is something that you cannot experience without trying out yourself. Usually applications that have excessive transitions and animations look beautiful, but are unusable or slow. In the case of Twitter for Mac, the transitions feel very native to the OS X environment (similar to the minimize Genie effect) and actually supplements the functionality, rather than hampering it.

Since the UI is small, all important functions are supplemented with standard keyboard shortcuts, such as Cmd + N for new tweet, Cmd + Shift + N for sending a DM, Cmd + 1-5 for switching to specific panes and so on. These keyboard shortcuts are intuitive and also are easy to recall. You can also set global shortcuts (that will work with any application in focus) to show/hide the Twitter interface, or to post a new Tweet.

One point of criticism that comes to mind is that the UI though very shiny, polished and beautiful does not follow the standard Mac OS X Human Interface Guidelines (HIG). The 3 buttons that you are used to see in red, yellow and green in every application are done in black in Twitter for Mac. Also, there is no title bar at all, so you’ll be confused for a second if you want to grip the window and move it elsewhere. Though not much of an inconvenience, as I have a feeling that I will soon grow into liking this app.\

You can download this app by searching for twitter for mac on mac app store


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