Twitter Got New Bird In Logo & New Guidelines

So, twitter changed its appearance. Yaa, it was really very necessary they do not make any amendment, though it might not be productive but it was required. Please by the end of the post let me know that whether you liked the new logo of the Twitter or not. In this post I will be telling you about all the changes that have been made along with the new icon which has been selected. Besides the new logo which has been selected, most of the guidelines have also been changed.


Now you will have to be very careful while using the screenshot of any of the users account or while using the logo of twitter and specially while using the ‘Follow me in Twitter’ widget for our blogs. The guidelines have been and now if you ant to use the screenshot of any other then you are supposed to take the permission and then you can take the screenshot. In the widget itself you are required to either completely spell the Twitter or you can use the icon instead, nothing else should be used.

You are definitely not allowed to use the Twitter icon in your business trademark and similarly there are many new guidelines which have been introduced now. Mostly required are the one which are mentioned earlier and both of them are violated frequently. Definitely no one cares for asking before taking the snapshot of your user account. I must say that it was a smart effort they have changed the rules to a certain extent which will be helping the users to feel secure while sharing their information and I hope all of this was possible due to the stiff competition with Facebook. All this information was retrieved from the twitter blog which also stated about the new terms and conditions for using the twitter for passing the tweets.

It was only a change in its appearance but along with its appearance it also changed the terms for the beneficial of its users. We will try our best to keep you updated with any new information related twitter account settings or any other change. Meanwhile if you get to know anything related to related to the stated then please put that down in the comments as we will be glad to hare it with the other users if we found it genuine. Keep reading and have a nice day!!!

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