Mouse Over Bug Saying People – "Your Account will be deactivated. Bye!"

Seems like is now under some kind of attack of some technical bug, all those users who are using twitter web interface seems to be affected by this bug.

The bug is seems to weird because it works on mouseover only, meaning pop-ups and third-party websites can open even if you just move your mouse over the offending link on the web interface.

Those users are affected by this bug, get some wired tweets posted on their timeline as shown in the image below.

9-21-2010 6-20-55 PM

The Best way right now is to use third party application to tweet on twitter and stay away from visiting home page.

Hopefully twitter will resolve this security link bug soon, so avoid clicking any links found in tweets.

Recent Update: Some of the users affected from this bug, getting a strange message saying   “Your Account will be deactivated. Bye!”

Good knows what happening, we will keep you updated with more information on this, stay tuned.

Update: Twitter has fixed this, read more information here

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