Twitter Attacked By WTF Link

Looks like every other social websites are facing issues these days, recently facebook had some server outage and yesterday orkut was attacked by some “Bom Sabado” spam. 

Today yet again seems like twitter is affected by XSS (cross-site scripting) attack after the recent mouse over script attack on twitter.

As per information – A malicious link is making the rounds that will post a tweet to your account when clicked on. Twitter has disabled the link, and is currently resolving the issue.

Still avoid clicking any link which begins with WTF, those who have clicked that link will send out Tweets saying “I Like Anal Sex With Goats.” This Tweet is followed by another one that says “WTF” and includes a link.

9-27-2010 12-50-43 AM

Please Note: It looks like this is happening across third-party clients and on

Twitter is working on this issue, it will be resolved soon..stay tuned we will keep you updated on this page about this issue.

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