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After publishing about the new version of Facebook application for Android, it was Twitter who also published its new version for Android, the Android version was already developed for Twitter but there some of the features which were not matched or I should say that Twitter for Android was in no match with Twitter application for iOS, Blackberry OS and Windows Phone 7. But in the version they have added all those missing feature and now it almost matches or prove to be better in comparison with the other versions.

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There are certain features which were missed in the previous version and now they have covered it all, I will be telling you about those feature in this post. They all are mentioned as follows:-

  • All the tweet options such as re-tweet, marking a tweets as favorite and replying a tweet were missing in the previous version of this application but they were available with the version of iPhone and Blackberry which has been introduced in this new version of this Android based application.
  • This time the application will be much faster from the previous version of this application as this time they have tried a new way of drawing a timeline of tweets, which is responsible for making this application faster.
  • They have also introduced the high resolution avatar photos, along with this you just need to swipe across the tweets and then you will able to see all the options mentioned above. If you want to see the new tweets then you will just have to pull the tweets above and then the new tweets will be loaded.

These are some of the features mentioned above and the snapshot of the same has been mentioned above. Let see about the reaction from the users, and we will try our best to keep you updated with any new release of this application whether it is for Android or any other platform but I think now the next version development will be for iPhone (its nothing but a simple prediction). Meanwhile if you get to know anything new about this news or you have discovered any new feature which has not been shared then please let us know by writing it in the comments section. We will be glad to share if we found it genuine. Keep reading and have a nice day!!!

To download or update the twitter for android app, search for it on the android marketplace

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