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Good news for all those new iPad users, tweetdeck has been just launched for iPad. Yes the most popular desktop client has just been launched for iPad. Tweetdeck for iPad is not just the iphone version ported to iPad but its has got a new interface which takes the full advantage of new iPad features and screen dimensions.

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With TweetDeck App for iPad, you can add all your Twitter accounts (multi-account support!) and then, if you have one, enter your TweetDeck account and choose which synchronized columns you want to bring in from the Desktop TweetDeck or TweetDeck App for iPhone. Whichever way you hold iPad you can view multiple columns and on top of that we’ve designed portrait mode for viewing tweet details and user profiles and landscape mode for viewing even more columns at once and "column management."

Key Features of Tweetdeck For iPad

  • multiple columns.
  • multiple twitter accounts.
  • reply, retweet, direct message and favorite from a tweet.
  • view user profiles.
  • see recent updates and who a person is following and being followed by.
  • follow or unfollow and block or unblock a user.
  • add All Friends, Mentions and DM columns.
  • add Search columns.
  • add Trending Topic columns.
  • add Twitter list columns – both lists you’ve created and those you follow.
  • cross post updates to any combination of your accounts.
  • geotag your tweets.
  • shorten URLs.
  • access your Twitter contact list.
  • upload photos (from the on-board Photo Library).
  • rearrange columns however you like and delete those you no longer need.
  • view geocoded tweets on a full-screen map.

You can follow @tweetdeck on twitter to know about more hidden updates, gestures and other tips for tweetdeck for iPad, below is a quick demo video which shows how it works on iPad.

Download TweetDeck For iPad From Apple Store [ Free App ]

[ Source – Tweetdeck Blog ]

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