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Twitter is getting everywhere, recently we heard some news around twitter getting @anywhere which means that you can tweet from any website, if that website adds some JavaScript on their Web Pages, which allows the function to tweet from that page.

So, last night I was thinking about if twitter getting integrated everywhere then why not we can tweet from windows media center, I goggled for the same and found a free twitter plugin for media center. It is free to use plugin for non commercial use, how ever you can donate to the developer if you like this free plugin.


In order to use it you can download it from the link given below at the end of the post, here is the step by step procedure to configure and then use in media center.

Note: When you install this plugin, make sure that media center is not running.

1. Once you had installed this plugin, run media center in windows and then go to extras – you will find new twitter icon there.


2. On the next screen it will ask you for the donations, that means you will need to wait 15 seconds before the application starts.


3. Now enter your twitter username and password and click Login


4. Now it will ask you to use twitter in standard mode or in video mode – which means in standard there will be nothing running in background and in video mode you can tweet while watching a video.

Here is how standard mode looks like


Here is how video mode looks like


You can see only your tweets, your followers, friends timeline whom you follow, mentions and direct messages etc.


In order to tweet, just click on update – create a new tweet – type your tweet, and press Enter to update it on twitter.


We like this free plugin for media center, we hope you like it too – do tell us your views on the same.

Download Twitter Plugin For Windows Media Center | Also Read – Media Center Tricks

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