Tweak Startup State Of Windows Services With Service Tuner

When it comes to slow windows startup, everyone just think of the programs which gets loaded in windows startup which makes it slow, but if you consider the third party services which gets created in windows and other background windows services they also cause slow windows startup behaviour, you can stop some not useful third party service or just change the startup type state of windows services to make windows load faster.

Service Tuner is a free to use application which allows you tweak the startup state of these background running services in windows when it load faster, It is also capable of saving the current start-up state of all services, as well as restoring that saved state later time. Lastly users have the options to start/stop, uninstall and change startup state of any service on the fly through the Customize tab.


You can view the current state of windows background services, change their startup type and then Save the current state and then later load the previously saved state of startup services Or You can load the services startup state configured automatically and predefined as per different users profile like Safe, Power Users, Bare Bones

Here is how you can change the startup type of any service in windows from Customize Tab, we have taken the example of Google Updater Service, We have selected the service startup type as disabled and click Change button as we don’t want to delay windows startup because of this service.


After disabling this google updater service, it is instantly shown as disabled under current startup state of services


This application works on all windows versions including windows 7, we have just tested this tool on windows 7 ultimate 32 bit.

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