Turn WiFi Off When You Connect Android Phone To Your Computer In USB Mode – Turn On WiFi When Disconnected

Its been a while since we have known Android as one of the fastest emerging operating systems for latest gadgets and as a matter of fact with so many new features to play around with the OS also gets plenty of drawbacks including a very common problem of low battery back with Wi-Fi on.

This certainly is a very serious problem since we never wish our devices to run out of power after a few hours of Wi-Fi usage. The most common type careless behaviour we show while using Wi-fi is keeping it switched on even after or sometimes before the actual use. The point I want to stress here on is that there is no way to automate the on/off switching of Wi-fi.

As it is our job to help you out in every possible geeky situation, we are here to sort this one out with the minimal of efforts from your side. Wi-Fi Automatic is an app for your android based phone available on the Android Market and helps you by automatically turning the wi-fi on and off. The working of the app is very simple as the moment one connects his or her android mobile phone to the computer via USB for charging, the application automatically detects the connection and turns on the Wi-Fi.

Vice versa if one disconnects the phone from the USB port, the applications turns off the wi-fi on its own.



Clicking on the settings tab, brings to you some of the important features which one would like to enable or disable such as Automatic Turn On Wi-Fi on charger connection via USB or Turn Off Wi-Fi. Additional options enlists one really interesting option of Previous Stage Before Charger Connection which lets the application remember the connection status before device was plugged in and re activates the same settings after you disconnect the device.

Although its is a free application, the functionality and usefulness is quite impressive and it should be next must application for your android device. So download it right away.

Download Wi-Fi Automatic – [Android Market]

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