Turn On, Enable Google Instant Search In Google Chrome Address Location Bar

Google always make sure that what ever features they launch gets accessible in all the ways possible, some time back they launched google instant search which has now make searching more fun and easy with less typing and better suggestions – all this in real time. Today we will tell you how enable google instant search directly from google chrome browser address location bar.

1. Open, run google chrome and go to options as shown in the image below.

2-23-2011 8-33-41 PM

2. Under options you will see the checkbox to enable google chrome instant search as shown in the image below.

2-23-2011 8-32-34 PM

3. It will show a warning message when you check the option Enable Instant for faster searching and browser

2-23-2011 8-26-57 PM

Once you click ok, you are good to go and then you can see instant search results as you type in your google chrome address bar as shown in the image below.

2-23-2011 9-41-31 PM

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