Turn Off Windows Sounds When You Lock Computer

In your workplace, one hotkey that you might use very frequently is Win+L to lock your computer. This is the awesome feature of the Windows Team but with some lack of options, you might face awkward and embarrassing moments at your workplace. The one option this feature lacks is that sounds in the background are not muted when the system is locked.

Muting sounds manually before locking your computer and unmuting again would be very annoying. So have you ever wished that there is a quick way to mute all of your computer’s sounds? Now this is possible with the help of application Mute On Lock. Mute On Lock is a light and simple tool that allows you to quickly mute all the sounds when you lock your computer and unmute when you again Logged in. Even though it is a small tool but very useful. Mute On Lock is very useful specially at your workplace so that you do not want to disturb your co-workers with the sounds of the notifications and music.

Mute On Lock barely consumes main memory and is a small tool that will automatically mute and unmute all the sounds of the computer. You can even use hotkeys to mute/unmute the system.


Mute On Lock is fairly simple to use. After installing, its icon will be seen in your system tray. You can mute all the sounds of your computer by right clicking on the icon and enabling Muted. To configure it, click on options. You can select hotkeys for both mute/unmute sound and exiting the programs. You can also choose which actions you want when you double click system tray icon; Mute/Unmute Sound, Enable/Disable Effect, or Show Options. If you want this tool to run when you start windows, simply check the box Run at Windows Startup. if you don’t want to the speakers to be muted when system is locked, right click on the system tray icon and disable Enabled.

This freeware application also comes with a portable version. This application works perfectly on Windows XP. To run this tool on Windows Vista and Windows 7, simply change the compatibility to Windows XP. Both 32-bit and 64-bit OS are supported.

Download Mute On Lock installer

Download Mute On Lock Portable Version

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